what is nidhaara?

“dhaara” is a bangla word, roughly translated as “directional flow”

muscle fibers have dhaara

the graining of wood – has a kind of dhaara

Water – the way it flows, the way it moves, can be said to have dhaara

jhorna/dhaara, for example, is the flowing of a waterfall

sroter/dhaara, is the fierce flowing of waves

Nidhaara is MY Way

It is my flow, merging with the divine flow, consciously + willingly, resulting in this play.


This website serves the purpose of :

+ Introducing + developing the  Dhaara System of Wellness: the tools, resources + methods I use for my personal healing journey,  which I am privileged and humbled to share with you, as I now journey to become a healing artist.

+ Chronicling my Fieldnotes, where I share notes on the observations and experiences from the field of my particular life journey, as well as, conversations with others about their journeys.

+ Having an online “home” where those interested in learning more about my work and working with me, can reach me at ease.

I invite you to wander.

Sincerely at your service,