what is nidhaara?

dhaara” or “dhara” is a bangla word, roughly translated as “directional flow

muscle fibers, fascia, nerves, all have dhaara

the graining of wood – has a kind of dhaara

Water – the way it flows, the way it moves, can be said to have dhaara

jhorna/dhaara, for example, is the flowing of a waterfall

sroter/dhaara, is the fierce flowing of waves

   jibon dhara, is the flow of life, (and also name of an album by popular Bangla band Warfaze)

Nidhaara is the flow of my creative inner waters, manifested.
A term that describes the process of my work, and the work itself.
It follows no path but its own. 


Hello, I’m Nisha.

Creator and Curator


this fine virtual webpage landing.

   I invite you to wander a while.                                                                                



This website serves the purpose of :

+ Introducing + developing the  Dhaara System of Wellness:


This is a system of tools, resources + methods I use for my personal wellness journey. It will soon include professional massage therapy services, which I am privileged and humbled to share with those wanting to work 1:1 with me.

+ Chronicling my Fieldnotes, where I share notes on the observations and experiences from the field of my particular life journey, as well as, conversations with others about their journeys.

+ Having a curated Marketplace where I offer handmade goods for your home and heart.

+ Creating a beautiful online “home” where those interested in learning more about my work and working with me, can reach me at ease.


Sincerely at your service,