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Fieldnotes , are notes from the field of my life experiences, that, is also the blog section of this website.

We are all mapping Life. We are observers and participants in our day to day experience of living. We are also observers and participants of an inner life. This is mine.
I write as if writing to a friend ( you !)

I borrow the term from the Social Sciences, in particular, Anthropology.  Fieldnotes are a tool  the researcher/observer uses as a way to organize their notes in the field, eventually leading to a full ethnography.

We are all observers, researchers and participants in the field of LIFE. It is an experimental playground to live out our full potential. We learn, from our experiences, and also that of others. I humbly share these notes on my experiences with the intention that some will find them useful in their journey. I have organized them into categories for easy navigation, though they will inevitably overlap.

I haven’t explored everything because life is beautifully vast and mysterious that a lifetime is not enough to dedicate oneself to experience all there to learn on Earth.

In my experience, if we should decide to look into one thing and one thing only deeply, it should be Love.

If we do decide to further, we must then examine the cycles of nature, to get a better understanding of what is at play on Earth.

It is not enough to just philosophize or think about nature and her cycles, we must immerse ourselves in it. We must know landscapes as intimately as our own bodies. If you’re a woman, you have an advantage because of your menstrual cycle.

We must learn the language of plants and use their teaching, beauty essence

We must travel to see new things beyond our imagination, or just see what is in front of us in a new way.

You will inevitably meet people, when you need to, the right person at the right time, who have something to share to help you along your journey. Talk to them. Ask them questions.

We must pray, to give thanks for all the blessings we have and to call in what is ours already.

We must take responsibility for our self, our being.

If you can do all this, you can look at family and you will understand their purpose. It is not by accident where you are born to whom and in what environment.

The origin, culture, and race of your birthplace is significant, but can only be truly of use after you have achieved a certain degree of self-realization, through inner mapping. Otherwise, it leads to unconscious shadow projection and problems.

It is unavoidable actually, due to the amount of pollution and poison we encounter in our food, air, water…

There is a dark rabbit hole to follow and you can do so if you wish but there is no need for despair. The solution lies within you.

It is easy to get lost In the sea. Having ways to center yourself and find your path again to
There are practices that I have and cultivate. I’m sure there are a million more, as Rumi said but this is what I am exploring currently.

Food is obviously a big part of life and exploring the meaning of nourishment is something that has been a big part of my journey and so I share some recipes and stories of that. It is also a part of my calling I feel.

Ah, the calling. What is it? What is yours? How to tell? It’s a mystery yet you already know it. We must have the determination, and discipline to follow it.

Part of my calling is also healing with touch. I have felt my healing energy from an early age and only I didn’t know what it was. I wanted to be a doctor but plans changed as realizations grew and now I am studying to be a neuromuscular massage therapist. It’s only a step. The goal is whole health wellness.

I’m learning about money and hard work. I wish I didn’t wait until my 30s to do so but everything in its time and in its season.

hat’s it, for now.
Because this is an experiment, it will likely change.also
There are certain things that make life so much better. Friendships, Music, Art. Humor. They will appear time to time 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read and witness. Bless.

If you’d like to talk, you can do so here.

reflection and ripples in the pond

An afternoon journey to University of California Riverside Botanical Gardens with friends

As always when gathering information from sources outside oneself ( because we ALL have ALL the necessary information we need WITHIN us), you must consider if the information is applicable to YOU, personally. It does not matter if someone tells you there are great pearls of wisdom within their life stories, shared sacred knowledge, etc ; if it is not applicable to your life as it is presently, amassing knowledge will not help. What may be revelatory to one, could be gibberish to another. As such, there is no target audience.  I write for myself and the Great Spirit, in hopes that anything of true beauty  will give rise to the moments of clarity necessary for the articulation of innate desires within, so that I may ACT on them to propel the journey further along the pathways ( dhaaras) I wish to travel.

Thank you for reading and witnessing my journey!

Feel free to write to me about your experiences with these notes. I would love to hear from you! 

Disclaimer: All information within this website is for informational/ entertainment purposes only. It is not to be confused with academic or scholarly writing.  It is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness physical or mental. Please consult a medical professional if you seek advise regarding a medical condition. 
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