33 years have passed since I’ve been on Earth.

My heart overflows with gratitude for all that my eyes have seen, my heart has felt, my soul has experienced. I am touched by God’s unique creation even in this crazy messed up place.

The crazy messed up- on some days feels like SUCH a small part, that it almost seems necessary for our own purification/refinement.

Other days, it feels overwhelming- like you can’t catch a break in any direction you turn. Those days, we need to look at the point of our focus. What we focus on, receives our energy. It sounds simple, but it is a difficult lesson to master, though it is one of the biggest lessons to learn.

For example, if you are feeling unwell, focusing on the healing will get you better results than focusing on the sickness. That doesn’t mean you pretend you’re not sick. In actuality, you are prompted to focus on the healing, because of the sickness.

Many miss this.

In the same way, focusing on the good of the world, the magnificence of God’s design- is the way of “healing” the crazy messed up parts. Again, this doesn’t mean you are naive about the darkness at play in the world. On the contrary, you know it, you see it- and through your focus on God, you actively bring about it’s obliteration. Because essentially, we are here to practice living the way God intended for us to live.

There is a lot of debate on this planet about HOW exactly God intends for us live. Religion attempts to answer this question- but then the different religions cannot agree on the different methods they hold to be true through what they claim is divine revelation- leading to confusion, and even further division among people. There is a reason it is that way, we will examine the cause because it is important to understand, but let us stay on our point here.

After studying many different religions, only this can be said- the character/person of Christ- is the only one is history who can be said to have lived a completely sinless life- by God’s own standards. Everyone else- God’s kings and prophets- ALL of them committed a sin, one way or the other- even if it was ‘divinely orchestrated by God’. This is a fact, but to really understand the ramifications of this fact, one needs to spend a great deal of time mauling it over, so to speak. I am reducing a very big theological consideration into a simple statement, for the sake of making a logical point.

If we are really trying to understand the way God intends for us to live, does reason alone not beg us to follow the example of one who was blameless in the eyes of God? Christ focused on healing and love to drive the darkness out. He didn’t focus on the darkness, he focused on the remedy for it.