My name is Nisha Hawk Tilton, I welcome your presence in this space.

I am a Colorado Springs based Licensed Neuromuscular Massage Therapist ( LMT, CNMT), ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist and curious student of life.

The spark that led me into the field of health and wellness began as a young girl living in Bangladesh. My ideals for the need of social entrepreneurship were incubated in the same place. Nidhaara Living is the vehicle through which I strive to make my aspirations a living reality, as well as how I live. Visit the field notes to learn more about the meaning behind Nidhaara.

My Vision

Make a difference in the world by helping people live a more vibrant + purposeful life

My Mission

Build a scalable wellness business that also provides opportunity for alternate education + financial freedom to the disadvantaged members of the local + world-wide community it serves.

Thank you so much for visiting this ever expanding space.

May this work serve in awakening the healing powers of your body-mind-spirit.