My Mission

Mission is an interesting word, right?

Miss – ion 


From a very early age, I felt it in my heart and my bones that my purpose on Earth is to be a healing presence by creating a home for orphaned children and the poorest, most destitute in society. Only thing that changed through my life is the approach by which I aim to make my purpose a living path.

When we are driven by a mission in life, we are as if piecing back together a part of our Self, something that anchors us ,calls to us and moves us forward like a magnetic pull…

To do this of course, we must know our Self.

That is the journey of a lifetime…


I was born in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, a small, green country in Asia. I grew up surrounded by the love, warmth and fire of a community that included, family, neighbors, friends of the family and anyone who came our way. A place where if a good meal was cooked, you made enough to share with your neighbors; where disputes came to elders in the community before it went anywhere else; where bands of children could stay out all day playing through fields, sand, dirt, rain. My upbringing had a profound impact on me. It gave me context of how to belong to a community. Though there were personal challenges for me within that dynamic, they served to bring out the best of me. It taught me how to love and care for others as if they are your own, because, truly, they are.

We are all each other’s keepers, each other’s providers, protectors, hair cutters, entertainer, dress makers, potter, medicine maker, healer…we all have a role, a function in the community, in the world; just as the body cannot function optimally with mind alone or heart or lung or foot alone, we are all better united, working together to uplift one another by sharing our light, our truth, while also continuing to do the work of cultivating and refining it.

That is the work of a lifetime…

This website is an experiment on how to share my creative gifts and offer my services to the collective. Naturally the organization will change overtime as I refine my expression and sharpen my tools. It is a web I am slowly weaving the pieces to. I welcome suggestions on how to accomplish this.

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To see detailed plans of my mission and vision, please come back soon 🙂 

Thank you for visiting.