How can I speak of myself without evoking the birth of the universe?

How shall I sing my song so that you may understand the experience that is Nisha?

I was born in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, a small, green country in Asia. I grew up surrounded by the love, warmth and fire of a community that included, family, neighbors, friends of the family and anyone who came our way. A place where if a good meal was cooked, you made enough to share with your neighbors; where disputes came to elders in the community before it went anywhere else; where bands of children could stay out all day playing through fields, sand, dirt, rain. My upbringing had a profound impact on me.

This website is an experiment on how to share my creative gifts and offer my services to the collective. So, the organization will change overtime as I refine my expression and sharpen my tools. I welcome suggestions on how to accomplish this.

Nidhaara is the flow of my creative inner waters, manifested.
a term that describes the process of my work, and the work itself
It follows no path but its own.