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My ma tells me a story of how when I was very young, my great aunt who was very sick, bedridden most days, would often ask for me because she felt comforted by my presence. My roommate who had epileptic seizures would tell me how I was one of the few people she felt safe around during her episodes. Many others have told me all through my life how comfortable they felt around me, how at ease. Perhaps it’s the stories, the societal expectations with which I was raised but I dedicated my life to becoming a healing professional as a small girl, growing up in Bangladesh. More than that, I wanted to be a healing presence in the world, to make a significant contribution to society on a large scale. I thought this meant becoming a doctor who was also engaged in international health policy making so that eventually I could build an orphanage for street children in Bangladesh.

The purity of our thoughts during childhood are sometimes distracted by the passions of our growing years. We grow, we change, we learn, we make mistakes, we lose our way, we find a better way, we re-commit to what our true vision in life is, the dream Creator put in our heart and that’s when life really becomes alive for us! It is then that our life becomes purposeful and if we are driven, truly successful. We begin a new chapter.

Welcome to my new chapter.

what is nidhaara?

dhaara” or “dhara” is a bangla word, roughly translated as “directional flow” or “way

muscle fibers, fascia, nerves, all have dhaara

the graining of wood – has a kind of dhaara

Water – the way it flows, the way it moves, can be said to have dhaara

jhorna/dhaara, for example, is the flowing of a waterfall

sroter/dhaara, is the fierce flowing of waves

   jibon dhara, is the flow of life, (and also name of an album by popular Bangla band Warfaze)

Nidhaara is the way I manifest my purpose in the world
a play on words describing the non-linear path, the directional flow, of my unfolding


May this work serve in awakening the healing powers of your body-mind-spirit.

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