About Me

Author’s note: Any stories I share “about me” are simply that, stories. Stories help others understand the general trajectory of our life, perhaps the motivation behind certain actions…yet that picture is so vastly incomplete, it can hardly be used to “know” another. If you want to know me, dear reader, come visit. Let’s go outside in nature and sit in silence where one knows another by being. If you just want to know a few things about me, let’s play 21 questions. If you want to look at a snapshot of my life in the form of a resume, please click here. 

What is your astrological sign?

Gemini Rising, Sun – Virgo/ Moon- Pisces/ Mercury – Sagittarius/ Mars – Aires/ Venus – Scorpio

Why did you choose to be a massage therapist, of all the things in this world?

The intention has always been to heal. Massage therapy offers a way in.
What is your deepest darkest fear?

What gets you up in the morning?

Unspoken secret meetings with the Sun as it rises. A commitment to the responsibility of living in a way that honors THE SACREDNESS OF LIFE. Let’s be real though, some days it is just the sound of my annoying alarm clock.

 Are you married? Do you have kids?

I married a man whose heart knows love the depth of the oceans, the patience of trees and the wisdom of mountains. We have a cat named Selina aka baby bunz.

Where are you from and how did that impact you?

I was born in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, a small, green country in Asia. I grew up surrounded by the love, warmth and fire of a community that included, family, neighbors, friends of the family and anyone who came our way. A place where if a good meal was cooked, you made enough to share with your neighbors; where disputes came to elders in the community before it went anywhere else; where bands of children could stay out all day playing through fields, sand, dirt, rain. My upbringing had a profound impact on me. It gave me context of how to belong to a community. Though there were personal challenges for me within that dynamic, they served to bring out the best of me.

Moving to the United States, growing up in Los Angeles, California, really put that to the test. LA showed me that you carry your home in your heart, no matter where you go and it’s not the place but the people that make your home. I found myself here. Found my people.

– what are you passionate about? What are your hobbies?
– What kind of music do you listen to? Books?
– What is your mission in life?

Miss – ion


From a very early age, I felt it in my heart and my bones that my purpose on Earth is to be a healing presence by creating a home for orphaned children and the poorest, most destitute in society. Only thing that changed through my life is the approach by which I aim to make my purpose a living path.

When we are driven by a mission in life, we are as if piecing back together a part of our Self, something that anchors us ,calls to us and moves us forward like a magnetic pull…
– How do you stay disciplined?
 How do you stay centered in the chaos?

Breathing. Yoga. Silent contemplation. Taking a walk. Journaling. Breathing…

What is Love to you?

Love is the space

What nourishes your soul?

Just like our body changes, and needs different nourishment depending upon what it is experiencing, the soul has seasons and requires different things at different times.

These days I am deeply nourished by learning to move my body well in this multi-dimensional reality and showing up, consistently for the people in my life. To make myself so supple and malleable, I am able to serve through being my best.

Sunlight, moving water, hiking alone, conversations with a loved one are regular necessities too .

What are some of your personal challenges/bad habits + how do you deal with it?

– what do you recommend to someone who wants to do what you’re doing?

Love + Gratitude,

Nisha Hawk Tilton