The Village

“It takes a village to raise a child”

                                                                                                                   – African Proverb

While we are no longer children, we still need the support of others to fully thrive in life.

We are all each other’s keepers, each other’s providers, protectors, hair cutters, entertainer, dress makers, potter, medicine maker, healer…we all have a role, a function in the community, in the world; just as the body cannot function optimally with mind alone or heart or lung or foot alone, we are all better united, working together to uplift one another by sharing our light, our truth, while also continuing to do the work of cultivating and refining it.

What I call “the village” are people + businesses (run by people!)  I have come across, who are DOING THE WORK to serve and uplift humanity. They are individuals or businesses whom I learn from, who make the divine products I use, who create the art, music, events, that inspire me. They are the tribe I that influence how I live and move in the world. They are my teachers, my healers, my farmers, my medicine makers, and some very special beings I have the privilege of calling friends.

Note: The categories are somewhat limiting because the people listed below are usually multi-disciplinary talented, creative beings. As such,  I’ve listed them under the category I have personally worked with. You will find they are so much more. I will add descriptions with time but I wanted to provide this resource for those visiting the site! 

The World Wide Village


Gaia Conceptions


Burton Gray

Chelsea Villegas

Molly Harris.

Design + Build 

Micheal Simon Toon

Fundamental education 

Marty Leeds

Medicine & Beauty


Sarah Liljegren

YNSD  ( Soap)

Movement Teachers

Erwan LeCorre

Katy Bowman




Shika Shika Collective


Neil Kramer

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